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NEW DELHI, Dated: 10.05.2010

Minutes of the CWC meeting of ADEA held on 23.04.2010 at Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi

             A CWC meeting of AIR & DD Engineers Association was held on 23.04.2010 and total 24 members(as per the Annexure) were present in the meeting. The President and the General Secretary both welcomed the members and following points were discussed & decided:


Details of the important points discussed in the meeting


Resignation of Shri P.N. Bhakta from GS, ADEA:  This matter was discussed and deliberated in detail. On the request of CWC members Shri P.N. Bhakta withdrew his resignation as it was not accepted by the CWC.


JFADEE letter dated 22.02.2010: In this regard, it has been decided that President or JS will write for withdrawal of the JFADEE letter dated 22.02.2010, signed by Shri P.N. Bhakta, GS, ADEA as the contents are not accepted in majority by the CWC members.  In compliance with the minutes of the CWC meetings, here after, The letters related to the policy matters will be discussed among the executive members, and if necessary, then, it may be discussed in CWC, before issue.


Review of progress of the Minutes of earlier CWC Meeting held on 22.12.2009:
       It was decided in principle to pursue all the pending matters by all concerned vigorously.


Implementation of Pay Parity with IAS  (DoPT order/circular dated 24.04.2009, 21.05.2009 and 15.12.2009, regarding Pay Parity with IAS and the Recruitment Rules for  Group A Officers in the organized services in the central Govt. (India) w.r.t. 6th  CPC recommendation):   It was informed by GS that the matter is between DoPT and the Ministry of I&B. It has already been discussed with DoPT and the Ministry of I&B to expedite the same. Modifications in the Recruitment Rules have been proposed simultaneously. Association is pursuing both issues together with DoPT, Ministry and other concerned to expedite the same. It was highlighted that MACP has been implemented, but Pay Parity for the organized Group A is still pending even after one year since date of issue of the initial order. Besides, this is being pursued through the Confederation of Central Engineering Services and the common proposal is under process in DoPT.


Promotion/DPC of the different cadres (JTS to STS, STS to NFJAG, NFJAG to JAG) and vacation of Stay order of Jammu High Court at Srinagar on promotion/DPC from JTS onwards:  It is a fact that this Association is for welfare/promotion of all the members i.e. from AE to E-in-C and all out efforts are to be made accordingly. The DPC/Promotion is temporarily stopped due to stay order verdict issued by at Jammu High Court at Srinagar.
The action taken by Executive body for vacating the stay i.e. to send a team of the members along with an Advocate to get the stay order vacated was informed to CWC.  The decision taken by the Executive body was appreciated by CWC.


Request of Sh. V.S. Nagar, DDE, P&D Unit, DG:AIR for the payment of amount Rs 50,000/- related to his personal court case was rejected unanimously by the CWC members.


Regularization of the adhoc period of the service:
It was also discussed that adhoc period in the JTS and STS grades promotion for year 2002 to 2004 and other periods, as the case may be, need to be regularized immediately in view of Supreme Court ruling held recently (copy available on the website). This shall provide relief to many members (about 200 officers).  GS will write a letter to DG, AIR and Ministry in this regard.


DPCs/Promotions and actions for filling of all the vacant promotional posts:
It was decided that urgent actions need to be taken to expedite all the DPCs i.e. from AE to E-in-C grades in advance to avoid stagnation problems in future.   All ACRs in this regard are also to be expedited by all concerned well in time to avoid problems in future.
Progress of DPCs:
AE to JTS:   The proposal is to be sent by DG:AIR to the Ministry.
JTS to STS:   Stay order of the Jammu High Court is required to be vacated.
STS to NFJAG:   -do-
NFJAG to JAG:   -do-
JAG to SAG:  Proposal is in the Ministry
SAG to HAG:  Proposal is under progress with UPSC/ACC
GS will write a letter to DG, AIR and Ministry for expediting the DPCs immediately.


Direct recruitment of the vacant JTS posts (50% quota):
As per the DoPT OM No.I-11019/12/2008-CRD, dated 20th November, 2009, atleast 50% of the vacancies in JTS grade in the organized Group ‘A’ services are required to be filled up by the direct recruitment as per the mandatory attributes of the Organized Group ‘A’ service as defined by the DoPT.
There are 412 (57.14%) vacancies of JTS (DR – 360 & DP – 62) lying vacant as on 01.04.2010. Unfortunately vacancies of DR JTS grade are not being filled up and kept pending since year 1998. The requirement of DR is felt very badly so as to meet the developmental changes, new technology requirements and challenges in Broadcasting field. It was discussed that vacancies of DR JTS including the backlog vacancies are to be filled up as per routine i.e. through UPSC. As such GS will write a letter to Ministry for filling up the vacancies through UPSC on the basis of existing RR. Copy of the letter will be endorsed to DG, AIR for sending a requisition of the direct recruitment in the JTS accordingly. 


Cadre Review & Restructuring (Cabinet Secretary DO letter addressed to all the Secretaries of the Ministries, Govt. of India vide ref. No.I-11019/6/2008-CRD, dated April 29, 2008 and afterwards, DOPT OM ref. No. I-11019/12/2008-CRD, dated 20th November,  2009):
This matter was discussed and deliberated at length as this is already over delayed and needs to be expedited immediately. For an organized Group ‘A’ service i.e. IB(E)S, timely cadre review, restructuring and the direct recruitment at JTS grade should be done on priority. The Association will pursue this matter with the Ministry.


Transfer & posting powers to Engineering Officers:
It has been realized that few subordinate engineering staff Associations have pressurized the authority (CEO, PB and DG:AIR) in a negative way and, they have much interference in dealing with the transfer cases of all the grades/cadres (from bottom to top). This Association shall continue to pursue this issue with the Ministry and Prasar Bharati to follow the existing transfer policy and guidelines/orders of  the Govt./Ministry/Manuals of AIR/DD. All out efforts shall be made for restoring it as per the existing transfer policy, so that engineering officers will continue to have their controlling powers over their subordinate engineering staff for to assure smooth functioning.


Delegation of powers to Engineering Officers:

For smooth functioning of stations, it is essential on the part of Directorate to issue orders/circulars regularly with regard to financial powers vested with Engg. Heads at stations. Now-a-days, many officers in the cadre of AE/JTS are working as Engg. Heads and are not fully ware about their financial powers. The financial powers vested to senior officers i.e. E-in-C/CEs/DEs in the Directorate and the CEs/DEs/DDEs in the zonal offices need to be delegated by the Directorate/Ministry keeping in view Govt. rules/orders/procedures for achieving the targets/results in time.


Declaration of Head of Office at the Station/Kendras of AIR/DD:

It was brought to the notice that at many capital stations, when SD goes on leave/tour, PEX is being declared as Head of Office though Senior officer in the cadre of Sg.E/SE is in position which is against the existing order issued by Ministry in 1981. The matter was discussed and deliberated at length and it was decided that association will take up the with Ministry that the senior most officer at each AIR/DD station irrespective of its location should be declared as Head of Office of the station/kendras irrespective of their discipline/wing (Engg./Program).


Issues related to NFADE:
It was discussed that we should have good relation with other Associations and to be united on the common issues/goals/targets and, therefore, NFADE is to be strengthened to achieve the common targets and objectives.


Direct recruitment of the vacant posts of the Subordinate Engg. Cadres/Grades:

It was brought to the notice by members that it has become difficult to run the stations/kendras due to acute shortage of staff in non Gazetted cadre. It was decided to take the matter for filling of posts. Hence, this shall be pursued by the Association to expedite the pending direct recruitment against the vacant posts (direct recruitment quota including the backlog vacancies). This Association will write letters to Ministry/Prasar Bharati and Directorate.


Updating of the Association website: The job has been assigned to a team of three members and the team will update the site regularly.


Need of enhancement of membership and the fee: It was felt that membership fee is too less and need to be enhanced. The matter was discussed and it was decided to enhance the membership fee from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 with immediate effect.  All the members also were requested to pursue staff members for membership of our association. A committee consisting of 3 members (1. Shri H.K. Bharani, 2. Shri D.P.Singh, and 3. Shri Chandrika Prasad) was formed to recommend the induction of new members in the Association.

R.B. Ram
Joint Secretary, ADEA
(Mobile: 9968723018)

For information to:
All the members of the Association (ADEA).

Copy for kind information & necessary help in resolving the long pending matters to:

All the regional secretaries of the Association (ADEA).



List of the members attended the CWC meeting of ADEA held on 23.04.2010

  1. Shri P.K. Singh, DDE, Central Store, DG:AIR, New Delhi -- President,
  2. Shri Ratnakar Singh, ADE, P& D Unit, DG:AIR -- Vice President,
  3. Shri P.N. Bhakta, DE, P& D Unit, DG:AIR    --- General Secretary,
  4. Shri R.B. Ram, DDE, O/o CE(NZ)AIR&DD, New Delhi --- Joint Secretary,
  5. Shri H.K. Bharani, DE, O/o CE(NZ)AIR&DD   ---- Treasurer,
  6. Shri Devesh Kumar, SE, AIR, Kathua  ---- Publicity Secretary,
  7. Shri Chandrika Prasad, DDE, P& D Unit, DG:AIR ---- Regional Secretary, North Zone,
  8. Shri Vivek Singh, DDE, O/o CE(WZ)AIR&DD, Mumbai-- Regional Secretary, West Zone,
  9. Shri Sandeep Srivastava, SE, AIR, Guwahati-- Regional Secretary, North East Zone,
  10. Shri CBS Maurya, DE, DD Directorate, -- CWC member,
  11. Shri Neeraj Goel, DDE, P&D Unit, DG:AIR    ---  CWC member,
  12. Shri D.P. Singh, SE, DTH, Todapur, New Delhi ---    --do--,
  13. Shri Lokman Singh, DDE, DD Directorate, --  --do--,
  14. Shri Nand Lal Shah, SE, DDK Dehradun --  --do--,
  15. Ms. Meenakshi Singhvi, AIR Ahmedabad -- --do--,
  16. Shri S.K. Srivastava, DDE, STI(T)AIR&DD, Kingsway, Delhi, --do—,
  17. Shri Jitendra Arora, DDE, P&D Unit, DG:AIR(In place of Sh. Kashmir Singh) --do—,
  18. Shri Rajesh Chandra, ADE, STI(T)AIR&DD, Kingsway, Delhi, --do—,
  19. Shri S.K. Goel, ADE, O/o CE(NZ)AIR&DD   ------do—,
  20. Shri S.K. Deb, ASE, AIR, Kolkata,  ------do—,
  21. Shri R.C. Singh, ADE, P&D Unit, DG:AIR (In place of Sh S.D. Pant)  ------do—,
  22. Shri Anand Arya, ADE, O/o CE(NZ)AIR&DD(In place of Sh A.K. Tikoo)  ------do—,
  23. Shri K.K. Varshney, AE, DDK, Allahabad, ------do— and,
  24. Shri R.K. Mittal, AE, DD   ------do—.


AIR & Doordarshan Engineers Association is a body representing the Indian Broadcasting Engineering Services Officers (Group A) and Assistant Engineers (Group B) working in AIR & DD and works for the welfare of its members and development of the organization as a whole.

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